A Google Maps tour of Benbecula

Google MapsThe wonderful people behind Google Maps seem to have recently updated their satellite images, because while having a browse around I discovered that they now have Benbecula in greater detail than ever.

Benbecula, in the Western Isles, is where I am originally from, having grown up there between the ages of 5 and 19. We lived in this house right here – house on the left, church on the right (the island’s war memorial just squeezing into the bottom right corner).

I went to primary school here and here, and secondary school here. Other sights I’ve noticed include the main town Balivanich, Nunton cemetery, the Roman Catholic church, Borve Castle, Peter’s Port, and some radioactive sheep, a delivery at the Co-op, and the secondary school’s windmill.

The island boasts some fantastic beaches, including here, here and here. However the most interesting beach by far is Rossinish, on the largely uninhabited east coast. Rossinish is a geographical peculiarity, being the only east-facing beach in the Western Isles, and coming out of moorland rather than machair.

So there you go – Google Maps generally rocks. However I think there might be a few errors in the way they mark the placenames, though. I don’t remember there being quite so many Grimsays

5 thoughts on “A Google Maps tour of Benbecula

  1. Hey this is great!! Now I have a map

    My husband is convinced (apparently it comes to him regularly in a vision) that Benbecula would be a great place for me to live and work once I am finished my ministry training… and he would keep in touch by email (do you think I should read anything into this?)

  2. Simon if you love google maps check out google earth, its far cooler. A virtual globe which you can sit and spin and the zoom in on randomly. You have to download it and it’s quite a hefty download as I remember, so it’s best with broadband.

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