A mountain of jokes

While out exploring up north today, Nicole and I passed a couple of roadside adverts for the magnificently named Edward Mountain, Conservative candidate for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross in Thursday’s Scottish Parliament elections.

To honest, his adverts were a little bland, and there are a few obvious slogans he could have used instead of just his name:

  • Edward Mountain: a politician with altitude
  • Achieve great heights with Edward Mountain
  • No dissent from Edward Mountain
  • There’s summit about Edward Mountain
  • Edward Mountain ‘earing your concerns
  • Edward Mountain: not just a boulder politician

I’m sure there’s more, and I’m sure he’s missing a trick.  Any other ideas?

7 thoughts on “A mountain of jokes

  1. Edward Mountain – take a peak at his policies.
    With Edward Mountain it’ll be plain abseiling.
    Get up to cloud 9 with Edward Mountain.

    Slightly disappointed you missed:

    Edward Mountain Rocks!

  2. Suggest that he employs you as his PR guru next time – his PR strategy obviously didn’t work this time round. Next time, with your help, he may just be ‘mountain’ a more serious challenge….

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