If it’s Wednesday, it must be…

The lit salon last night was an interesting experience. I spoke to I think around fifteen local writers about a range of issues relating to my book, and although I was nervous presenting about travel/humour to a group with mainly fiction interests, I received some positive feedback at the end and since then by email.

Because I wasn’t primarily there to sell and entertain, like at the launch, it required a different sort of presentation that I did at the launch, and I found I learned a great deal from the enthusiastic, thoughtful crowd at the salon through discussing the process of writing and being published.

For anyone interested in writing in the Highland area, it’s well worth getting involved in this vibrant and growing group.

I am in Stornoway today for work. It involved an early start (and a somewhat bumpy flight), and I head on later tonight to Edinburgh. I land about 15 minutes after Niall gets into town after being away, so hopefully we will have put the world to rights after a pint or two.

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