Merry Christmas, Shanto George

Despite the fact that I am rubbish at sending Christmas cards, many people still very kindly persevere and send them to me.

One card, however, has intrigued me. It’s from India (judging by the postage stamps and “Jawahar Cards” who made it), and is addressed to “Shanto George”, at my precise address (exact postcode too).

I’m almost certain there’s not been anyone of that name here for years, even during my 18 months of renting the flat out while in Glasgow. Nor, I am fairly sure, is there anyone in my block with that name.

Inside, the card has a handwritten message:

To Jervis


Appoopam and Ammoma

Now I have no idea if “Jervis” is Shanto George’s familiar name, nor do I have a clue who Appoopam and Ammoma are, though I am sure they are lovely people.

I’ve googled “Shanto George”, and one of the first results is for an Indian guy – according to his profile he is a Christian (and therefore a likely recipient of a Christmas card in a mostly Hindu country), but very much not living in Inverness as far as I can make out. No other googling of the other key words involved have unearthed anything useful either.

It’s most mysterious. I could understand if Appoopam and Ammoma might have sent it to him and got the wrong address in India… but to get a wrong (yet so precise) address in a country on the other side of the world seems unlikely. Yet as I say – nobody of that name has lived here to the best of my knowledge.

Ah well. Unless I can think of any other way of solving this mystery, I guess there’s nothing I can do except put the card on the mantlepiece and assume that if I ever met Appoopam and Ammoma, they’d be the sort of lovely people who’d want to send me a Christmas card.

If you’re Appoopam and Ammoma, drop me a line and let me know why you thought Jervis/Shanto lived here.

If you’re Jervis/Shanto and have arrived here after googling yourself in a fit of boredom, perhaps you could tell me your correct address and I will happily forward your card.

And if you, dear reader, have any suggestions as to solving this mystery, let’s hear them.

Oh, and one last thing – Justin: please don’t email me pretending to be Shanto.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Shanto George

  1. And just to add: let me stress I do not as a rule open mail that is not addressed to me. But the envelope on this one was simply tucked in rather than sealed down (it’s a wonder it made it across the world in one piece). So it was easy to get into. And simply marking it “return to sender” would not have achieved anything as there was no sender address.

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