Saturday 7 May, 2005

So that's the election over. The Publican Party got well and truly humped, which has put a big smile on my face. The pubs that supported it are still showing their posters, though, as if giving one last show of resigned defiance.

In other news, I appear to have spent my entire budget for Australia on a laptop. Oh dear. But what are credit cards for? Well, actually boys and girls they are for using wisely and carefully, unlike mine today. Don't do this at home.

Just to change the subject again, the thing that has amused me most this weekend is a postcard from Mark, a friend in Aberdeen who was in France for a week with his girlfriend, visiting her family there. The postcard has a nice picture of some dramatic, snow-capped Pyrenees mountains next to a lake, and Mark writes:

Greetings from France – this is what it looks like! Blue underneath, with the white pointy bits on top! The dark stripe across the centre represents soil. Soil is where grapes are grown, and those grapes will make the wine that will once again make this country great! Jacques Cousteau did not explore the depths of the ocean on water alone! Grace Kelly did not heroically die in a car crash in Monaco after drinking milk! Vive la France!

The most worrying thing is that I'm sure I should know who Jacques Cousteau and Grace Kelly are.

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