Serene weekends

Some years ago, I watched a science fiction film called Serenity with a friend at the cinema. I’d not heard anything about it beforehand, but my friend assured it me was good and told me that it was a spin-off of a short-lived TV series called Firefly, which I’d also not heard of.

Serenity was a very pleasant surprise, mixing a Star Wars-style “western in space” idea with a gritty feel, exciting plot, very real, engaging and likeable characters, and unexpectedly good humour. It was exactly the kind of science fiction I really like. I made a point of remembering to track down Firefly itself some time, and then promptly forgot about it.

Until recently, when St Silasite Graham, who I know from my time in Weegieland, blogged about both the film and the series, singing their praises and drawing attention to cheap DVDs of them available on Amazon.

So I snapped them both up, and they arrived in the post today.

I’m off to Aberdeenshire this weekend and next, and that involves taking a return train to Aberdeen and will take up ten hours in total. It’s a journey I know too well and am slowly becoming bored with – much as “spot the distillery” and “count the disused stations” are mildly entertaining to pass the time, I am somewhat in the need of new distractions.

That said, I did take the journey the other day, and not only did I witness someone playing the electronic chanter, but also a passenger across from me had a sneezing fit, his sneezes delivered perfectly in time to the song I was listening to on my iPod at the time (Homage to Patagonia by from by Lemon Jelly, if you must know). Whether he was also in time with the tune played by the chanter player, I’ve no idea.

But after that, I’m not sure what else there is in life to experience on a train journey.

So anyway, my Mac has an excellent battery life, so I’ve decided that perhaps I’ll take it and the Firefly and Serenity DVDs with me on the two forthcoming weekend trips, and see if I can get through them all.

No doubt I will review them on these here haloed pages…

Oh and in other news, spotted in the Eastgate Centre today: former ICT manager Craig Brewster. He didn’t recognise me though.

Not that he let on, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Serene weekends

  1. I think you’ll find that Brewster’s correct title these days is “Current Ross County superstriker Craig Brewster.”

    Remember we saw him about a year back, near the Harlequin? Maybe he’s following you.

  2. If you choose to go down the ‘former ICT manager’ route, then surely you should title him the ‘twice former ICT manager’, so as not to confuse him with any of the other former ICT managers. I once saw John Robertson in Borders, and he is absolutely tiny (or at least he was then, anyway).

  3. Actually, he probably did see you. Last time I saw him he told me that he absolutely wasn’t speaking to you, and that he thought you should apologise for the time when you egged his front porch. If not that, then you should certainly apologise for ‘trying to get in about his missus’. His words not mine.

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