Sporks On A Plane

Snakes On A PlaneI saw Snakes On A Plane last night for the second time, and it was just as fantastic as when I saw it on the opening night.

Due to the eager cult following on the internet, the film adopted a lot of fan comments and suggestions, mostly inspired by the sort of things they’d expect a no-nonsense Samuel L Jackson character to say. This culminated in the legendary line “I have had it with these mother****ing snakes on this mother****ing plane!

But I reckon that a better line was when SLJ is trying to find anything that could be used as a weapon. He asks a stewardess if there’s any silverware. She holds up some plastic cultery: “this is all we’ve got”.

A pause. A look of disdain, contempt and exasperation comes over Jackson’s face.


I can’t quite explain why, but the way he says “sporks!?” is one of my all time favourite cinema moments ever.

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