The Scottish Parliament

A second referendum

The Scottish Government and Yes Scotland have made great efforts during the independence referendum debate to stress that this referendum is a “once in a generation” opportunity. They’re wrong: if we vote No there’ll be another within a decade. Here’s why.

Scotland the enemy?

In which I suggest that UK Government pronouncements on security and defence matters in an independent Scotland demonstrates a hostility that would be shameful if shown to any other UK neighbour or ally. I instead suggest four precedents that indicate that there will in fact be excellent cooperation in this area between Scotland and the rUK.

A not very dynamic argument

The independence referendum is scheduled, according to the Scottish Government, for the second half of the current parliamentary term. This will mean it will probably be in 2014 or 2015. It sounds like a long way away, but we can expect its influence to beat regularly throughout politics between now and then, and I daresay…