The Scottish Parliament

A second referendum

The Scottish Government and Yes Scotland have made great efforts during the independence referendum debate to stress that this referendum is a “once in a generation” opportunity. They’re wrong: if we vote No there’ll be another within a decade. Here’s why.

Scotland the enemy?

In which I suggest that UK Government pronouncements on security and defence matters in an independent Scotland demonstrates a hostility that would be shameful if shown to any other UK neighbour or ally. I instead suggest four precedents that indicate that there will in fact be excellent cooperation in this area between Scotland and the rUK.

Fields in motion

You know you’re in a unique place when you’re watching an exploration of gay experiences of spirituality told through the mediums of poetry and dance, and where one of the poems has the quite magnificent title of: “The visit of the Queen of the Lesbians to the gay men’s prayer group in West Belfast”. Not…