Vespa - click for bigger versionI was in Northern Ireland this weekend for a wee break, exploring Belfast and Derry – two warm, down to earth cities I first visited in 2004. It was beautiful weather, and also an exciting outing for my new digital camera.

It's a Sony DSC W50, which I bought from the outstanding independent camera shop Quiggs in Glasgow, and I'm really enjoying playing around with it. The Vespas in glorious greylikelihood is that I'll be taking loads more photos from now on, so I have upgraded my flickr account to get 100 times more upload allowance, plus other benefits – all for around one of your Earth pounds a month.

There's already a few pictures from Belfast and Derry on my pictures page, but just today I've put up some of a gathering of Vespas that was taking place by More Vespas than you can shake a wet fish at.Belfast's stunning City Hall. I'm not really into Vespas or bikes/scooters generally, but it was quite cool to see so spinning around the city centre en masse. They're quite cute machines close up… though some of the riders rather less so. There's no mention of a Belfast Vespa convention on the internet, so can't offer any explanation of what it was all about, I'm afraid. However if you are majorly into Vespas, you'll love Peter Moore's latest book.

Wheely goodOh, and I'd love to say that I intentionally took the Vespa photos in a brown shade to give them a faded, nostalgic appearance, but it was nothing that professional. Instead, I was still figuring out my camera's controls and had simply put it to the wrong setting.

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