Who’s gone to Antarctica lately?

Do you know anyone who is currently in Antarctica?  Or at least was there earlier this month?

No, nor us.  Which is a bit odd, because Nicole and I received a postcard on Saturday from some people who are clearly having a terrific time in the land that brought you penguins, people who go out for a while and may be some time, and the ridiculous film Alien v Predator.

Whoever they are, they’ve touchingly taken time out from what is obviously a holiday of a lifetime to write to us, but have forgotten to put their names on the bottom.

It could be that, brimming with excitement, they have told us on numerous occasions of their forthcoming adventure, only for us to forget all about the conversations.  But that’s unlikely.

I’m wracking my brains, and looking rather enviously at the lovely scene on the postcard.  The handwriting is vaguely familiar, but those people whose handwriting I think it resembles are definitely not in Antarctica right now.

Whoever they are, I am hoping that if they like us well enough to send us a postcard, they’ll forgive our absent-mindedness.

3 thoughts on “Who’s gone to Antarctica lately?

  1. I in fact do know someone who is there and has been for some time. An old doctor colleague of mine is the resident medic on expeditions for the last 6 months (at least). We keep in touch via facebook when he gets back to the mainland periodically. He doctored in Invenress so there is a slim hope that if these absent named friends of yours were on his expedition that this may have come up in conversation. If you like I can drop him a line and prehaps this mystery can be solved.

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