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“To see the beauty in the mundane and the story in the banal is one of Varwell’s gifts” *

Hello and welcome to my website. I’m Simon Varwell and I like to go places, see things, and write about stuff. I’ve published three books and have imagined a series of titles I’ll probably never write.

You can also check out my travel writing or photos, revisit my 2017 project to read only female travel writing, read my occasional book reviews, explore my absurd fantasy metro network for Inverness, and find lots more besides. Browse the menu bar above, find all my latest posts on various topics here, and sign up to my occasional travel writing newsletter for which you get a free ebook version of my first book Up The Creek Without a Mullet. Enjoy poking around, and thanks for visiting.

Praise for The Next Stop:
a book centred on a genuinely original, ever-so-slightly eccentric concept and full of interest, insight and gentle wit.”
I doubt that the small stations along Scotland’s main train line have come under more humorous and reflective scrutiny since the days before Beeching.”

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