10 facts about Montenegro

  1. Montenegro is home to 7% of the world’s species of butterfly.
  2. If you stretched out the coastline of Montenegro into a straight line, there would be enough leather to make scarves for the entire Indian Army.
  3. The para-farthing, a penny-farthing with a built-in parachute, was designed and patented in Montenegro in 1845.
  4. The music for the Swedish national anthem was actually written by a Montenegrin baker.
  5. “Montenegro” is an anagram of “No! No! Megret!”
  6. The Montenegrin city of Podgorica has the highest number of ice cream parlours per head of population out of all European capitals.
  7. In the Montenegrin dialect of Serbian, the words for “putsch”, “excitedly” and “space-hopper” are pronounced exactly the same (although spelt subtly differently).
  8. There are enough mountains in Montenegro to allocate one to each man, woman and child, which is done at birth. To achieve this, Montenegro is unique in the world in having a combined land and births registry.
  9. In Montenegro, it is illegal to play golf alone.
  10. The Montenegrin coastal resort of Budva is home to the largest Flemish basket-weaving festival outside Belgium.

8 thoughts on “10 facts about Montenegro

  1. Whenever the word “Montenegro” is uttered in Montenegro by a Montenegrin, conversation must cease and each person who heard the word must stop and sing the national anthem before continuing. To avoid an undue amount of singing, the Montenegrins simply refer to it as “dur”, an abbreviation of “dur-ka” which means “the land which our fathers won for us in glorious battle and interesting political activity”.

  2. I’ve got a feeling you’ve started something here Simon.
    I’ve been blogging a bit about my local church in Bradford, and recalling your review of St Silas, you might be interested to see.

    Enjoyed catching up on your travels.

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