10 Things I'll Never Do

I’ve been “tagged” by David McCarthy – which I have discovered means you have to fill out the same blog questionnaire as the tagger (in this case, “10 things I’ll never do”). I don’t normally go in for filling out surveys online, and have never been the most candid blogger either. Plus it’s very hard to say that there’s certain things I’ll never do: how can I fully predict what lies ahead in life? That said, I’d better not ignore a direct commandment from my minister, lest I get in trouble with him…

So – 10 things I will never do:

  1. Get used to the taste of Glasgow tap water.
  2. Sign up for a MySpace account.
  3. Like the taste of vodka.
  4. Become a minister.
  5. Vote Labour.
  6. Vote Conservative.
  7. Turn evangelical.
  8. Like loud, cheesy nightclubs.
  9. Get bored of going to interesting places.
  10. Be effective first thing in the morning.

One thought on “10 Things I'll Never Do

  1. Varwell, I can imagine the first nine of your list happening, one day, given certain turns of fate, but I fully agree with no. 10. Having travelled and shared a room with you for over 100 consecutive days, I am fully convinced that you should never be exposed to the morning, if only so there is no chance of me hearing that horrific “morning voice” ever again.

    I’m going to Nigeria tomorrow by the way, so look out for my name in the papers, probably under “kidnapped victim” and/or “headless corpse identified”.

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