24 hours in Aberdeen

I had a great time in Aberdeen last night.

Highlights of Niall‘s party included:

  • The owls, which were all excellent
  • Pool. For some reason, I played some outstanding shots… alongside my usual speciality of regularly powering the cue ball into orbit
  • Discovering the rather excellent Lindstrøm. Imagine Jean-Michel Jarre, Vitalic and Sebastien Tellier all mixed together, and you get this smooth, catchy, upbeat electronica.
  • Catching up with lots of people I’d not seen for ages
  • Not getting to bed until 5am
  • Lots and lots of snow
  • Some quite good photos, even if I say so myself

Also, I discovered two remarkable facts in conversation with folk over the course of the party.

Fact 1 – Glasgow is the only city in the world with three 50,000+ capacity football stadiums.

Fact 2 – Per head of population, Delhi is the city with the highest number of active cricket players in the world. Unbelievably, Aberdeen is second.

So there’s a couple of “well I never”s to help break the ice at your next dinner party.

Tomorrow (a day off work) is going to be very quiet, I think…

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