Out exploring

Wind turbines in the mist

I’m just back from a fun day out “oop north” with a couple of friends.

We did a wee road trip to Ullapool to get a bite to eat and wander about the surrounding hills. Wester Ross is perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of the country, with a dramatic coastline. It was a nice day, and it was good to get out and about into the fresh air – though it did rain a little.

I took some photos. Personal favourites include the one above, this one and this one, although the achievement of the day was a record five sluice valve signs in a row. My personal best.

Although I must confess that when uploading the photos I did get somewhat bored writing the descriptions and adding the tags, so apologies if some of them are less than helpful or accurate.

This week sees me back to the whirlwind of travel – Monday is Stornoway, Wednesday Skye, Thursday Cupar and Friday Perth.

Wave if you see me.

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