Le weekend

It’s the end of a busy but enjoyable week. Busy due to lots of work travels, enjoyable due to the great weather.

Last night I was in Hootananny watching an awesome gig by the Morayshire band AroarA.

A fusion of traditional Scottish music and heavy metal, their sound was unique – electric bagpipe, electric fiddle and whistle combined with grungey, crashing guitars and thumping, brilliant drumming.

Energetic, loud, skillful and refreshingly original, their latest album is well worth a listen on their MySpace and a bargain on Scotloads.

Talking of loud music, one of the week’s highlights was hearing from a friend that Mogwai are playing at the Ironworks next month. I’ve seen them once in Glasgow and can’t wait to see them again. I bought tickets yesterday.

Tonight I am catching up with Niall, who is back in civilisation after his Brazillian hell.

And that’s the news from Saturday.

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