A new reading project for 2017

You may recall a while back my writing about the fact that I’d never read any books of travel writing by women. Well, I’m finally doing something about it, by committing to reading only female-authored travel writing throughout 2017.

I’ve created a page to track the project, and you’re welcome to join in if you fancy! Previews and reviews of the books on my reading list will also appear on my blog, so if you’ve subscribed to my website by RSS or other means then you’ll get those through the usual means.

2 thoughts on “A new reading project for 2017

  1. Nice idea Simon! Guess there will be a lot of reading and interesting tales to be had during your project. Great stuff.

    I did a little project myself a few years back where I tried to read a book set in each American state. Bit of a harebrained idea granted, but got to Delaware before life took grasp and the project fizzled out. Might try it again sometime.

  2. Thanks Craig, and hello. Yes it’s been really interesting so far through it is early days.

    I like the idea of your US states book idea. Was that novels or non-fiction? Now’s a good a time as any to try to get under the USA’s skin I suppose!

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