A quick jaunt to Austria

It was our wedding anniversary this weekend, so I took Nicole away for a wee trip to Graz, Austria.  It was a secret, and Nicole didn’t know where we were going until we arrived at the gate at Stansted airport on Friday morning.

We stayed with some wonderful friends of Nicole’s that she hadn’t seen for a few years, spending one day in the spectacularly beautiful and quite stereotypically Austrian village of Admont and another exploring Graz itself.  It was a good chance to dust down my awful German (which is still awful), and see a bit of a country I don’t know well.

I’ve been to Austria before, but only the very western-most point in between Germany and Italy, both occasions being en route to from the Balkans.  So it was nice to see another bit of the country, and for Nicole to show me around some of her favourite sights.

There will be photos to come.  In the meantime, if anyone knows how to stop my brain swaying in a hangover from last night’s less than smooth sleeper journey from London, then please shout.

Oh and thank you to my wonderful wife for being my wife the whole of the past year!

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