A to Z band challenge

I had an email a wee while ago from Nick, a reader of “Up The Creek Without a Mullet“, telling me about how much he enjoyed the book.  I originally mentioned it here.

Nick’s been back in touch to tell me about a wee quest he and his friend Chris have been undertaking lately, an “A to Z” of music across the UK.  They’re working their way through bands that start with each letter of the alphabet, taking in one gig a month.  They’ve even been interviewing the bands they see, so far including Ash and the Futureheads, and to make things more interesting they’re trying to take in all the main regions and nations of the UK as well as a variety of methods of transport.

It sounds like they’re having a great time and they have a story worth keeping an eye on.  You can check out their website and Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.

Good luck, guys!

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