A visit from FORK

As you may have noticed, a FORK volunteer, Mike, visited this blog the other day to say hello. Hopefully I’ll now be able to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Ha’penny Bridge.

I emailed Mike this evening:

Dear Mike

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and offering to help with the mystery.

Do you by any chance know how the story finished? And do you think any of the suggestions are close to the mark?

I think you have a great opportunity to do a bit of profile-raising here. How about a competition for the best suggestion? It’s the sort of thing that could get a lot of local publicity, appealing to people’s sense of fun and imagination, and of course raising awareness of FORK – and ultimately the river. And the winner could get their finish to the story painted on to the house for all to see.

My personal favourite is Greg’s suggestion, but don’t let me prejudice the proceedings!

Best wishes, and happy FORKing.


However, the email bounced back – seemingly Mike’s inbox is full.

So Mike – if you’re reading this, consider yourself emailed. Although obviously in a slightly more public way than is traditional.

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