A week of releases

It seems that getting released from captivity is the new black, lately.

First up, an update on Kieran, whose kidnap ordeal at the hands of an evidently bonkers Greek ship captain I wrote about here and here.  Again, just the short version, but the good news is he’s been released.  Whether or not he will be reunited with his passport (last seen with his colleagues in a Libyan port that is minus some key members of staff and a few bits of concrete) remains to be seen, as does whether the convoy can resume and complete its journey.  But at least everyone is OK (apart from the hundreds of thousands of Gazans who are the victims of the evils of both their own and Israel’s leaders).

Kieran seems to have got access to Facebook, where (and I have this second-hand of course) he wrote that the authorities have investigated the situation and as a result arrested the captain.  There are now of  course the above logistical difficulties regarding passports and the completion of the convoy, but at least all the relevant authorities have established that the hostages were of course just that – hostages.  Phew.

As I say, though, it’s something of a trend for the week, what with Aung San Suu Kyi, the Chandlers and a kidnapped Afghan diplomat all being released from arrest or kidnap situations.

I can’t help but wonder who’s next.

My bet is Elvis.

4 thoughts on “A week of releases

  1. Hio Simon

    Very good news about Kieran – we have been thinking of him this weekend. Incidentally – back in the 80’s, with only phones and snail mail, huge media support was generated for John McCarthy and the other Beirut hostages. I still have the mug I bought at the time to help raise funds for the campaign!

  2. Yes, it’s funny to think that awareness could still be raised in pre-internet days. At least then there was TV and radio, and if that didn’t work then print media would at least get the word out in twenty-four hours or so. What was amazing about Kieran’s incident was that it was being promoted and followed on an almost minute by minute basis.

  3. I think the next release will be an awful single from the winner of X Factor, aiming for the Christmas number one slot – could The Prodigy be persuaded to re-release one of their more offensive numbers, as an antidote?

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