A week of travels

Sutherland coast

I’m having a well-earned afternoon off after a heavy week of ridiculously early mornings and a whistle-stop work tour around the east coast. I’ve been in…

Dundee – the jury’s still out, but it’s maybe not as awful as I used to think it was.
Arbroath – not been for many years. Something of the Royston Vasey about the place.
Aberdeen – good catch up with Justin, Mark and Claire.
Fraserburgh – first time visit. Pleasantly surprised: some gorgeous granite buildings, but then it is not just a heroin capital but a historic county town too.
Elgin – smelt of shortbread.

There’s some photos from this week here on Flickr.

In other news, you’ll have to hold on to your hats for a few days more for the big Facebook debate, and you can also expect some exciting imminent news on the New Zealand mullet-hunting front too.

But in the meantime, I need a quiet evening – it’s only Thursday and there’s still a trip to Perth to come tomorrow.

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