Aberdeen reading cancelled

I’ve just had a call from the Waterstone’s store in Aberdeen where my reading was due to take place on Saturday.

Very unfortunately, they’ve had to cancel the event – due to stock problems at their warehouse they don’t have enough copies of the book in, and don’t want to do an event to promote a book of which they only have five copies.

That’s a sign, at least, of their faith in me to attract more than five people.

It’s a real shame for it to be cancelled at such short notice, and perhaps we can arrange an alternative date. I am sorry, as are the store, to anyone who’d been planning to come along.

Nicole and I had already made arrangements to go through and make a weekend of it, so the silver lining is that with no book stuff to worry about we can have a nice, quiet, relaxing wee holiday in the Granite City instead.

4 thoughts on “Aberdeen reading cancelled

  1. I read Claire’s review of your book and it sounds great!

    Do you know anything about the availability of the book over here in Canada?


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