All sorts of everything

I had a nice trip to Skye today. No photos I’m afraid.

And what’s even worse news, is that tonight is the last night that Anita Anand is on the late slot on Five Live. I am listening now as I write this.

The 10pm til 1am slot is when I am most likely to listen to the station, and is normally an off-beat look at the day’s events with some fantastic topics of conversation and great listener contributions. Anita Anand – and her predecessor in the slot, Matthew Bannister – are probably two of the most wonderfully funny people on the radio, and would definitely be on the guest list for my ideal dinner party.

End of an era etc.

Another thing on my mind of late has been football. Rangers, Celtic and even Aberdeen have had good results in Europe this week, all on the back of Scotland’s magnificent performances at international level in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. Thank goodness Scottish football has a bit of confidence and positivity about it these days. Possibly connected to the fact we now have an SNP government?

All of that, however, pails into insignificance at the frankly bizarre news that Dick Campbell has been sacked as manager of the mighty Ross County for not playing the right style of football – despite the fact he’s taken them to the top of division 2 as he was employed to do. Strange and disappointing goings-on.

Tomorrow, I fly to Gatwick and then drive to Cornwall. It’s Keri‘s stag do, and a posse from Scotland, including Donald, are going down. Never been to Cornwall, so it should be fun.

Just as long as the hire car from Gatwick isn’t an automatic. When I got into my hire car this morning before heading to Skye, I had to phone up my office to get a telephone tutorial on how to drive automatics.

And finally, I’ve been reading everyone’s comments on the great Facebook debate with much interest. I’ll be reporting back my conclusions soon.

Phew. That was all a bit Justinesque, and probably more random topics than I’ve ever crammed into a single blog post.

7 thoughts on “All sorts of everything

  1. County are the new Chelsea: Glamour, controversy, and flat caps.

    Anand has been replaced with Richard Bacon. This means that the homour will be there, but expect dangerous veers into Alan Partridge territory.

  2. I’ve heard that automatics are much better in traffic jams, as you’re just using one pedal to go and one to brake (not constantly changing from 1, to 2, to 3 to neutral to 1 etc). Is that true, or does it get more complicated than that?

  3. Automatics are just wrong. Anything that can go forward by itself even when you’re doing absolutely nothing, is verging on the sinister.

    And hurrah that it’s Bacon. Very funny, very perceptive and thoughtful. Not a bad replacement for Anita.

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