Greetings from Justin‘s flat, where I am digesting a very nice take away curry and enjoying a couple of beers salvaged from the fridge.

And I’m all alone.

Justin is away for a few days (very trustworthy of him to leave me the flat), Niall‘s offshore, Mark and Claire are out of town, and various other Aberdonians I usually try to catch up with are either busy or away.

I’m passing through the Granite City at the end of another marathon adventure which saw me go down to Derbyshire for some friends’ wedding, and then come up to St Andrews for work and a quick but lovely catch-up with Gareth Saunders. I have a meeting here in Aberdeen tomorrow and will eventually get back home that afternoon, after five nights away (photos of the trip will hopefully be forthcoming).

In a sense, however, I’m perfectly happy that the Aberdeen gang is all away, because an early night is just what I need – long journeys, late nights and a horrendous bout of hayfever have left me a bit weary.

I’d love to stick the telly on in Justin’s living room and watch whatever Euro 2008 match is on, but sadly I can’t. Not because I’m not allowed but because I simply haven’t a clue how. There are four remotes in Justin’s living room, and after having pointed them all at various electronic-looking things, all I’ve managed to do is make the DVD player whirr briefly and the television flash up a “no signal” message.

Ah well, at least the wireless internet works…

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