…and off again

On Monday morning next week, I have a dentist’s appointment.

In Glasgow.

It’s a source of minor irritation (and a reflection of Weegieland’s poor health) that I could easily find an NHS dentist when I moved there, but have never managed to do so up here. Being away from internet access the last few days has meant I’ve missed out on the cheap train tickets too, and I suppose I am paying a lot more to get to my appointment than I would pay in fees if I went private here in Inverness.

Am I cutting off my nose to spite my face by refusing to go private? The principled political animal in me says no, and it will be nice to be able to see friends and visit St Silas on the Sunday night. But it is a long way to go just to get poked in the mouth and no doubt it is a dilemma I will return to in the future. Maybe you have views on this which I can chew over (couldn’t resist the pun!).

In other news, I’ve uploaded the first batch of photos from the Shetland trip. They’re mostly of Sumburgh Head, where Nicole and I visited as soon as we’d landed at the airport which is, like Sumburgh Head itself, right at the southern tip of Shetland’s mainland.

It’s a major bird-spotting location, and as we wandered through the slightly eerie abandoned lighthouse and went puffin-spotting, we did so alongside some hardcore birders who had massive cameras and very birdwatcher woolly hats on.

I know they’re probably birder chic, but the hats were quite unnecessary – the weather was stunning, a theme which would dominate the rest of the trip.

I’ll post more photos and an accompanying blurb later on in the week. For now, I need to get to bed – back to work tomorrow, and a long day trip to Edinburgh.

3 thoughts on “…and off again

  1. Hi,

    I know you said “St Silas on the Sunday night” but just in case you end up trying the morning be warned that this Sunday for a few weeks the morning service is moving from 11am to 10am!

    See you Sunday
    – Grayz

  2. In terms of the dentist thing, I am considering going private now as private dentisty plans work out cheaper than the NHS now. It would mean paying £20 a month rather than £180 here and there and mean I actually go.

    While Canada was looking likely I was umming and ahhing but now it looks like we are here to stay awhile I think I may go private. It may be the only way to get my teeth into a fit state.

    I also get private physio as I cannot get it on the NHS anymore, so may get the dreaded discounted Bupa membership when my probabtion preiod ends at work too.

    It goes against my principles though. But I need the physio as my vertebrae are fused/fusing. And as for denistry, unless the planned changes come in to try to offer better incentives for dentists to take on NHS patients, I don’t see my views on that changing.

    I still love the NHS though and get quite upset when people put it down – sure it is flawed, but so is any system, and it is far better than any of the alternatives I can think of.

    I have more to say on the matter but think my work contract does not allow me to!

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