And off again

No sooner have I been able to enjoy a few days at home, than I am off again.

I have two days’ work in Skye from tomorrow morning and then I am back there at the weekend for work-unrelated reasons.

The following couple of weeks will see me whisked by the magic workcopter* to Stornoway, Skye again, Dundee, Edinburgh and I am sure somewhere else I have forgotten.

Intermingled, interspersed and impregnated into this will be some expeditions for “fun”, including some football in Perth (more on which later).

In the meantime, here’s my latest Flickr upload. Enjoy.

Oh, and one last bit of news – the magnificent Shutter are playing at the fireworks at the Bught tomorrow night. Music to fireworks sounds amazing, and when it’s a dark, explosive sound like Shutter, it sounds unmissable.

Unless you’re overnight in Skye, like me.

* Just to clarify, I don’t actually have a magic workcopter.

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