Another Courier article

I’m on the train to Edinburgh just now, for three days’ work. Oh yes, and a book reading (see the “writing” page). And I’ve just been phoned to tell me that I was in the Inverness Courier on Friday.

The article reports my book launch – yes, the same book launch that was nearly a month ago now. You’ve got to love our cutting edge local fourth estate. Seriously, though, I really am grateful for the coverage.

However, they curiously write:

31-year old Varwell is not expecting to make a major impact on Scottish literature with his book “Up The Creek Without a Mullet”.

I have no recollection of saying that whatsoever. It is perfectly true but I am pretty sure I didn’t say that to the Courier, who in any case didn’t send a reporter to the event along with the photographer.

At least I now know who all those busts were of.

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