Anthrax and the SPL

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Nicole and I spent our first Saturday afternoon since getting back from holiday on a wee expedition to Gruinard Bay, a lovely little beach – well, two adjacent beaches, really – on the Wester Ross coast.

Sheltered from the road by a small, thick forest and then a longish walk over dunes, it presents a secluded image, though one when we visited of quite a bustle, with campers, daytrippers and hikers in evidence.  There’s a nice wee peninsula out to a small hillock overlooking the bay that presents lovely views.

I didn’t notice at the time Gruinard Island, home – so I’ve just discovered from a quick Google – to anthrax testing during the Second World War and some subsequent biological warfare shenanigans.  Read the story on Wikipedia.  I have to say I had never known about this.  But the Highlands has a fascinating history regarding the war, from testing and exercise locations to downed planes and other dramas.  I’d love to look into it in a little more detail.

On our way home, we got caught in traffic from Dingwall, as a stream of cars and buses headed south, clearly from the mighty Ross County’s historic Scottish Premier League debut at home to Motherwell.

I’m convinced that now there are two Highland teams in the SPL, pressure to dual the A9 faster than the current timetable will increase.  And with one of those being in Dingwall, that is bound to extend to the stretch between the Ross-shire town and the Tore roundabout.

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