ContemplatingIn 2015 and 2016 I was fortunate enough through my work to pay three visits to Armenia, spending time mostly in its capital Yerevan.

It is a curious and compelling country: a tiny slither of territory on the edge of Europe yet with an enormous diaspora, and a country with a long yet utterly tragic history. And while Armenia is a historic nation, Yerevan is a capital barely a century old that somehow effortlessly combines Soviet and Russian influences with a dynamic European feel and global outlook.

I’ve written a handful of blog posts which you can read below, and you can see my photos from the trips on Flickr.

Signposts to Ghostland | Ascending through history | Tongue-tied in Armenia | More photos from Yerevan | Getting out of Yerevan | Yerevan’s Blue Mosque | Levon’s Divine Underground [also a similar piece in Esperanto] | Refugees, hipsters and jumpers

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