Ashpocalypse Now

So, it seems that Iceland is finally extracting revenge for the UK using terror laws to freeze Icelandic assets.  Fair dos, I’d say.  And the benefit of plane-less clouds is to be savoured, at least for a short while, because the best thing about travelling is the journey anyway, so folk should just enjoy taking a bit more time, and head overland or water in a more environmentally friendly and hugely more interesting way.  If it sounds like a challenge then that’s part of the fun.

However, reading the Sunday Herald has alerted me today to the most serious consequence, one I’d not considered before:

There were fears yesterday that supermarkets could run short of perishable goods which are air freighted. Waitrose warned that supplies of fresh pineapple from Ghana and baby sweetcorn from Thailand had already been hit.

Britain’s main handling centre for perishable air freight, at Heathrow, has been at a standstill. If the no-fly ban is prolonged, it could begin to restrict supplies of asparagus, grapes, lettuce and pre-packed fruit salads.

Crikey.  Maybe it really is the end of the world after all…

2 thoughts on “Ashpocalypse Now

  1. Actually they think it could cause huge repercussions in countries like Ghana as workers are being laid off

    So it could cause huge problems. And the airlines might need government bail outs as they are haemorrhaging money at the moment.

    It’s more serious than it looked at first. Which is a shame

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