Back in business

In good companyBlog posts lately have been few and sporadic, due to a number of things, not least our home internet connection only just being set up.  This means I can catch up on a whole host of things I’ve been wanting to write and photos I’ve been wanting to upload.

I’ve also had plenty writing to do, which believe it or not is actually easier with an internet connection – yes it can be a distraction, but it’s also a great way of verifying facts, checking maps, and so on, and I’ve really missed having no access other than the somewhat fiddly iPhone.

Not to say that I have plenty time on my hands – work is in a very busy phase, and I’ve already been spending a lot of time around the country.  Most recently I’ve been in Edinburgh, where the hellish, pretentious plague that is the Festival has been grinding down my patience with each August-time visit.

I did succumb, however, and visit the Edinburgh Book Festival’s home on Charlotte Square – only, though, to see my own book amongst the Sandstone Press stall (see picture).  I had various reports from friends and readers that copies of Up The Creek Without a Mullet were shifting well down there, which is good news, and comes on top of its recent publication as an ebook.  This means it should be available on the Kindle and iBooks soon, more on which as and when it is sorted.

I’ll be doing some accompanying publicity to plug the book, especially abroad where the ebook may be very helpful.  That’s one of the many things I’ll be getting round to in the next while and which are infinitely easier now our home internet is up and running.

Oh, and don’t forget I have competition going where you can win a copy of the book.  Well, two, in fact.

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