Back in Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, GlasgowOnly a month or so after moving north, I was back in Glasgow this weekend – the first of five weekends away in a row.

It was for the wedding of two friends, so the trip was a combination of ceilidh dancing on the Friday night and then gentle recovery the rest of the weekend.

It was all great fun, and nice to be back in St Silas this morning. Being the holy willy that I am, I managed to get a train back north this afternoon that got in just in time to catch the evening service at Hilton.

And what a blinder it was, with a thumpingly powerful, moving, thought-provoking, darkly humourous and well-presented sermon. I must blog a bit about what it’s like being back in Hilton after my “sabbatical”, but that’s for another day.

In the meantime, here’s some of the weekend’s photos.

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