Back to reality

Work starts again tomorrow, after two weeks’ leave and a summer which has on the whole been quiet.

I am off to Edinburgh in a bit, with a busy day down there tomorrow, and trips to Aberdeen and Glasgow later on in the week. The following week will be entirely in Edinburgh, and the few weeks thereafter will be similarly travel-packed, with exotic locations such as Fraserburgh, Glasgow, Skye, London and Sheffield featuring on my agenda. Mind you, not all of that is work-related – the Jayplay and Explosions in the Sky gigs also loom imminently on the horizon, which will be good.

But just as I’ve been getting used to being at home for a prolonged period, it’s back to the usual pattern of busyness with trips both near and far. Though I don’t mind, really – it’s rarely too long before my rested feet begin to itch again.

However, I approach my forthcoming trips to Edinburgh with some trepidation, because not only is the city being turned upside down and shaken vigorously due to the tram works, it’s also the Festival, which as any cultural historian will tell you was specifically created to annoy me. If I get accosted by a leafletter wearing stilts inviting me to their performance of MacBeth on trampolines in a phonebox, or held up on the streets by a party of overwhelmed and overweight American tourists walking side by side to block up entire pavements, I might fail to be responsible for my own actions.

At least they’d probably write me off as a grumpy local, however, which is fine by me.

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