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This afternoon I’ve finished uploading my photos from our trip to the Western Isles and Skye (from which we returned a week ago).  The slideshow above contains what I think are some of my better ones, though I’m disappointed not to have got, at least in my own opinion, any true crackers.  I shot mostly in black and white, which suited the sharp contrasts and uncompromising tones presented by the light at this time of year, but looking at the results I feel I’m really out of practice.  I must do better to keep my camera with me at all times.

I’d not been back to the Uists for about a decade, and Nicole had never been at all, so it was great to go back to show my wife where I grew up and see what has changed.  As you might imagine, some things have changed, others not a bit, and we enjoyed exploring, even on occasions finding a few nooks and crannies I’d never been to myself.

Following that, and prior to a weekend in Skye, we stayed two nights in Harris and saw quite a bit of the island and its neighbour Lewis.

Very much a part of the world where weather can make or break your enjoyment, it was a good time of year to be there – away from the worst excesses of the holiday season (which, granted, hardly turns the islands into a sea of humanity), but close enough to the summer to present good ferry crossings, plenty daylight and not too much rain.

It was a good trip overall.  Not bad weather considering the time of year, and a journey of nine islands (in about nine days), four ferries lots of food, drink, photos and great company.

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