I’m back from funning and working around the country, at least for a couple of nights.

My trawl of photos was pretty poor, I am ashamed to report, but those I could be bothered uploading include some from Deeside, some from the fitba (the rather disappointing Challenge Cup Final in Perth, the mighty Ross County v Airdrie Utd), and one from Dundee.

It gives you an idea of how dire the football was that the most interesting thing I saw was a splitting image of Hurley from Lost among the County fans.

I’d write more, but I am tired and in a rather uncreative mood.

However, spotted in Perth on the Sunday – MSP and Cabinet Secretary for More or Less Everything, John Swinney. And that reminds me: in Stornoway last week I saw Calum MacDonald, the Western Isles’ previous MP.

Neither of them recognised me.

Not that they let on, anyway…

5 thoughts on “Back

  1. I love that the one photo you have of Dundee captures Tesco’s car park and is looking longingly away from Dundee into bonnie Fife.

    I laughed far to loudly when I read you had photographed in the dundee area…

  2. I didn’t think the football was dire at all. There were plenty of spells of nice football, especially by County, and though the result wasn’t ideal for us, there was no dishonour going out on penalties. And the swinging from 1-0 to 1-1 to 1-2 to (in the last few minutes) 2-2 was a lot more exciting progression than if it had gone 120 minutes goalless.

  3. Should have told me, would have met you at the game! Thought County did all the running in that game. But they paid the price for not taking their chances or using their subs earlier…

    It was quite a good game, with plenty of banter in the stands…

    Gradually got pretty cold mind!


  4. Sorry, Rich, I should have thought you’d be there! I guess I never got round to blogging about it in advance.

    Perhaps I was a bit harsh on the game – but I just felt that other than the goals (which could have been avoided on both sides) there was little fluidity or much of a sense of urgency and drama about the performances.

    Ah well, it was just a first division game…

  5. Did you also see John Swinney’s famous ex-BBC partner, and their slightly less famous baby? Was Calum MacDonald wearing his Forestry Commission fleece?

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