Bed hopping

Greetings from Kirkwall airport, where I am waiting for my flight south to Aberdeen.

It’s been a blustery 24 hours here (not that I’ve been outside for most of it), but the freshness – and gusto – of the air has been very refreshing.

Thinking earlier, I realised that by the time I get home late on Friday night, I’ll have had five consecutive nights in different beds – London, Inverness, Kirkwall, Aberdeen, Glasgow. My record is still six nights. Though I’d like to think I could beat it, I hope it’s not soon.

Tomorrow I head off early to St Andrews, and then end up in Glasgow, where I have a dentist’s appointment on Friday morning before hot-footing it through to Edinburgh for a day’s work before catching the last train back.

One night at home then off to Aberdeenshire for the weekend.

I don’t normally do New Year’s Resolutions, but I think one will be to spend more weekends at home.

2 thoughts on “Bed hopping

  1. Hi Simon nice to check out your blog again, and some great pics. I’m in Glasgow 30 Dec to 5 Jan if you’ll be down at all. Meanwhile have a great Christmas…

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