Between jobs

For the entire weekend, I am jobless.

Friday was my last day here, and Monday is my first day here. So it’s very much a time of transition. In fact, it’s a whole month of transition because it won’t be until the start of September that I’ll be back in Inverness with my trip to Canada behind me.

The plans for Canada are now more or less fully shaped-up, and last night I did a telephone interview with John Stewart, a very nice journalist at the Mississauga News, who has helped me track down some very useful information on Mullet Creek.

John warned me that it’s very hot in that corner of Ontario at the moment, which is not good news. However, as long as it’s not a humid, muggy heat like Glasgow has been suffering for the last few days, I’ll just about cope.

Ah well, not long until the fresh, crisp air of the Moray Firth…

4 thoughts on “Between jobs

  1. Simon, having living Southwestern Ontario for many many years I hate to be the one to break it to you but this thing you call ‘humidity’ here in Glasgow…… it doesn’t even come close to what you’ll experience in Toronto. Be warned.

  2. Simon,

    I was reading the article in the Mississauga News and they said you came to Albania to find Mullet and went to Milot instead. There is a village called Mullet very near Tirana. It is pronounced “moo-let” but is spelled just like your favorite haircut. If you decide to return to Albania to bag Mullet, drop me a line and I’ll make sure you get there.

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