Biceps Land

Have you ever been to, or heard of, Biceps Land?  Nope, me neither.

But it exists in the world of popular board game Articulate.  We were playing it with friends last night and it came up as one of the anwers in the “world” category.  Searching on the internet renders no mention of such a place, either real or fictional, and the only hits are for pages where people are asking the same question – including this one on the official Articulate Facebook page.

It was one of the cards I drew, and I managed to successfully describe it by pointing at my biceps and saying “imagine a theme park devoted to this muscle”.  It makes Biceps Land all the more mysterious that an imagined muscle-based tourist attraction is the most obvious and sensible explanation for what it might be.

If anyone’s ever heard of it, do spill the beans on this seemingly unheard-of landmark.

Incidentally, in the same game last night, I was given the clue to a person which was “he betrayed Jesus Christ”.  “Robert Powell!” I declared triumphantly.

Turns out I’d misheard “betrayed” as “portrayed”.

And in a slight anti-climax, the solution lies in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Biceps Land

  1. Hi Superman. Yes, you’re not the only one – I get regular hits on this website from people searching for Biceps Land.

    I forgot to comment here a while back to say that Articulate have explained the mystery (to an extent). With a bit of hunting around in Google Cache, I found the page a while back but now it’s gone. Basically they said it was a mistake and they had no idea and there’s no such place. Such an anticlimax, eh?

  2. Hi Simon, thanks for your help, very genuine confusion with our game tonight too, hense me finding your blog. But, when I shared your blog information to the wider group, they asked me to point out to you that you actually cheated when your team mates guessed as your not allowed to point!!!
    Thanks again 🙂 happy articulate in the future…

  3. hi simon
    this is the most exciting day ever!
    i came across the name last night in the same way you did, but my interpretation is entirely different.
    you see, instead of it being the name of a place that doesn’t exist, i think it’s the name of a place doesn’t exist YET.
    my frustrations with the world sometimes has made me decide to start my own country.
    it is going to be most very wonderful: chocolate is fat-free, men all have motorhead-esque muttonchops, oprah and skinny jeans are illegal,people are ethical and kind to each other and have exceptional music taste, tim burton does the lanscaping and there is an array of rum and ginger based cocktails for which we shall be famous.and bunnies! who doesn’t like bunnies?
    i’ve done quite a lot of planning- i have laws,customs and lots of important officebearers but i couldn’t come up with quite the right name for it. one which represented humour, strength and dodginess……until last night, when i discovered that the universe had already put the perfect name out there for me and was just waiting patiently for me to discover it.
    thank you to the folks at articulate who allowed their game to serve the greater good. you all have honorary citizenship, so come visit biceps land any time you like. plus you’ll get a special mention at this years vampire banjo-and-cake festival.

    princess juli of biceps land

  4. You may be pleased to know that this blog is now the first hit on google when searching ‘Biceps Land’
    Methinks a strongly worded letter/email to Drummond Park Games may lead to some freebies?
    It worked when I complained to Mcvities about a phallic shaped twiglet!

  5. Hello Gibbon. Yes, perhaps i should complain, but I have no particular need or desire for a complementary set of Articulate.

    Incidentally, what do your Twiglets normally look like? (dare I ask)

  6. Hi Simon
    It’s Christmas Day and we’ve just finished a game of Articulate whereby we came across the mythical Biceps Land. I of course googled it and your page was the first to come up! On reading further I saw your error with Jesus – this seriously happened during our game too!! Also found myself describing ‘Gypsy’ under the nature category – the answer given back to me was bats (don’t ask)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. As an avid geographer and soon to be geography teacher, I was left stumped by my partner’s description of Biceps Land. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t answer a “World” category question and then I was perplexed that I hadn’t heard of somewhere! Glad to learn that is a mythical land and nothing more. It drove me insane tonight.

  8. Hey Simon we’ve actually found your blog to be highly entertaining even more so than our game of articulate! We’ve now moved on to twiglets! 🙂

  9. I’m wondered if it is a “Paper Town”, a fictitious entry to identify other board games which have plagiarised their cards.

    Cartographers would add fake “paper towns” to their published maps for the same reason

  10. Hi thanks for this blog after laughing our heads off with the card we then nearly exploadd when we found your blog! Thank for the laughs!

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