Bits of the north-east

I’ve had a couple of work trips this week. Yesterday was a long and busy day in Edinburgh, while the day before I drove to Fraserburgh.

Having left Inverness in plenty time in the morning (early enough that it was still dark), I was able to take my time, and it was a really nice drive along the north-east coast of Scotland.

It made me realise that there are a number of extremely pretty towns on the way – the likes of Nairn, Elgin, Fochabers and Banff boast some grand and austere architecture, almost Aberdeens in miniature, while a number of interesting wee villages cling precariously to the high coasts of Banffshire and Buchan, often accessible only via long, twisty, roads down the cliff face.

None are more dramatic in setting than Pennan, a wee village that is famous for being the setting to the amiable (though frankly a little over-rated) Local Hero. I took a couple of photos, having decided to do a wee bit of a detour from the main road.

Cullen was another highlight, with a beautiful coastal setting and dramatic railway viaducts criss-crossing the home of world-famous Cullen skink. I’ve driven through it a few times now, and never stopped.

I’d love to explore all that part of the world more, at a slower pace.

But for now, it’s work expeditions that dominate the diary – I’m off to Cupar in Fife tomorrow, although I thankfully follow it up with a catch-up with the gang in Aberdeen in the evening and then a nice relaxing weekend in another bit of the north-east, Deeside.

7 thoughts on “Bits of the north-east

  1. You obviously haven’t watched Local Hero enough times, if you think it is over-rated – the more you watch it, the more you enjoy it. Alternatively, perhaps you just don’t ‘get it’. It is also Steve Lemack’s second-favourite film (he didn’t tell me what his favourite is) so it must be good!

    Did you sample the Skink?

  2. Kieran – right, cool. I’ll watch out for it next time!

    No, Ben, maybe I need to give it another shot. And no skink, but I have had it. Great stuff. I’d try to cook it if I knew how.



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