Boards of Canada's first video

Campfire Headphase coverI'm a big fan of electronic music outfit Boards of Canada, a Scottish group whose music is unusual and quite downbeat, but gently mesmerising. Their latest album, The Campfire Headphase, is brilliant. The best song on the album, Dayvan Cowboy, is one of the most achingly beautiful pieces of music I've heard in a long time, and it's currently getting good airplay on my iPod.

The group's first official music video was produced for Dayvan Cowboy, and is available to view on their record company's website. Go watch it. I challenge you to not like the song.

7 thoughts on “Boards of Canada's first video

  1. Simon-
    enjoyed the blog about the smokey man outside the rock. typically glasweigian i would suggest. well done for noticing.

    just watched your music video by the BOC. “achingly beautiful” – perhaps that’s pushing it, but its certainly very listenable and would work effectively as soundtrack music. again, nice one. a fine recommendation.

    best regards,

  2. Ah Jimmy, I must disagree! Very nice and understated track, I’ve been hearing many rumblings about Boards of Canada recently. Nice video too, although not a patch on Coldplay’s dancing granny (see gadgetvicar’s blog for more)

    This must be the week for music reviews, it seems. Any opinions on “Justice” reviewed on my blog, mr V?

  3. Hmmmm… perhaps not “achingly beautiful” but pleasant enough.

    It’s the sort of thing that would go well at the end of a fabulous party where the last few stragglers are deeply emersed in conversation and enjoying a glass of smooth red {:->

  4. My apologies Simon – I do understand that although this piece of music doesn’t appeal to me other people will like it.

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