Book Launch: Up The Creek Without A Mullet

A news release from Sandstone Press:

Simon Varwell and Sandstone Press are very pleased to invite you to the launch of Simon’s first book, Up The Creek Without A Mullet, which will be held at the Bishop’s Palace, Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, at 6.00pm on Monday 1st February. Bar facilities will be available.

For several years now, fascinated by the dreadful 1980s haircut, the mullet, Simon has been has been visiting locations all across the globe with the word ‘mullet’ in their name. At the same time the world’s first and, as far as we know only, Mullet Hunter has been operating his (recently redesigned) frequently visited web site This first book describes how he began his mad quest and covers his travels to Albania, Ireland and Australia.

Sandstone Press Managing Director Robert Davidson says: ‘From our first glance at Simon’s manuscript is was apparent that he is a natural writer. After reading the whole thing it was equally apparent that he is an interesting and thoughtful individual with a very witty, albeit eccentric, take on life and travel. Sandstone Press is proud to usher this first book of his into the world. So confident are we of its success that we have already signed him for the second.’

In addition to his own web site Simon Varwell also blogs frequently at

Venue and details.

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  1. Simon, your book sounds brilliant and I am definitely going to buy a copy because my husband is Albanian and I am Irish descent so can’t wait to read it… laughing out aloud already! I am going to Albania again this summer so shall ask about the place “Mullet” All the best with your book :o)

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