Book launch

Last night was the book launch in the beautiful Bishop’s Palace at Eden Court, and it was terrifically good fun. A packed room, good banter, and there was lots of wine drunk, questions asked, and books bought and signed. Thanks so much to everyone who came along.

There were even some oatbakes from Liz Ashworth, a forthcoming fellow Sandstone Press author who has written about the food of Orkney. Many thanks to Liz. I just hope I am not expected to send her a mullet wig for her launch…

I think the book readings I did went down well, and it was fun signing people’s books and getting them to sign mine. It was a strange experience, though, having my book presented verbally to so many people. So far, it’s been a case of writing it and editing it – reading bits of it to people and getting their instant reaction was something I am not sure I was prepared for. With a number of readings lined up for March, though, I’d better get used to it.

My friend Mike took this photo on the right, and also the video below of part of the reading. On watching it, I think I spoke too quickly, but never mind.

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  1. OMG you are like a famous person now! Remember, I was there in the beginning. Well, my brother was and we are gentically similar so that counts. Don’t worry about talking too fast- you can never beat my speed!

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