Booking flights

It’s a good job I have been saving hard these past few months, because I’ve just spent a scary amount of money on flights to New Zealand for the next leg of my mullet-hunting adventure.

The tickets cost something in the vague region of a month’s salary for me, and I am quite sure that I could have bought myself a lifetime’s supply of Ryanair tickets had I chosen to spend it differently. But then, I made the choice when I first committed myself to the mission: I’ve dug my own hole, and now I suppose I have to eat it. Or something.

Anyway. My trip will be three weeks or so, due to inconveniences like having a life, a job and a finite amount of money. And I’ll only have two of those weeks in New Zealand once I’ve taken out travel time and spending a few days over New Year in Brisbane.

So I have quite a job packing all four mullets – and perhaps seeing a bit of the country – into such a short time.

Tonight though, I have celebrated this purchase, and National Curry Week, by cooking and eating a curry. It was quite magnificent, even if I say so myself.

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