Business as usual

It was heart-warming to read this article by Stuart Jeffries in the Guardian (via Peter Moore) about life in London under the blanket of snow that virtually shut the city down yesterday.

People getting out and about and appreciating the beautiful world. Jokes with policemen. Conversations with strangers. Enjoying life. Heart-warming, as I say.

But also rather sad. Sad that it takes a blanket of snow to make London a happy, friendly place. That it takes turning the city into a surreal whitescape to get people to have fun, let their hair down, feel like they can interact with their fellow man. Or woman.

Up here, there’s never any problems with doing that. And more to the point, Inverness has missed out on the snow, which is great. I’ve been on quite a few trains in the last few days and they’ve been running fine. Inverness is cold, dry – as normal, really. It really is the place to be.

No other news, other than my latest photo upload.

I was in Dundee today, and will be in Edinburgh on Friday for twenty-four hours.

Wave if you see me.

One thought on “Business as usual

  1. It is a shame for it to take this. It felt like a lovely friendly place to be and I was happy for it. But it also shows why London is not for me longer term.

    And your photos are excellent, as usual.

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