An in tents experience

Breakfast on a frosty morning

Sunrise from the tentThere’s been so much snow and cold weather lately, not least up in the hills, that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the camping side of our weekend away on the west coast.

And waking up most mornings with frost on the tent (see above) was a sign of how cold it was. As was the teeth-chattering when waking up in the middle of the night.

Speaking to another camper who had a thermometer, we learned it had dropped to minus 6 celsius overnight.

But overall it was perfectly manageable thanks to a thick sleeping bag, sturdy tent, and most importantly a good fleece lining for the sleeping bag, and plenty warm clothes.

On one or two moments, it was even a little too warm, and I had to remove my socks or unzip the sleeping bag slightly.

And waking up to views like this, at Clachtoll, was well worth it.

View from the tent

While the campsite at Badrallach was excellent, the campsite at Clachtoll had great facilities and probably nudged Badrallach for the lovely views including the fantastic beach.

We’re going back there later on in the summer. Hopefully it won’t be quite so cold…

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