Canada, eh!

Mullet Drive, MississaugaI’ve been here just over twenty-four hours, and have already been up the CN Tower, seen the delights of Mississauga, and of course been to Mullet Creek.

Canada’s quite nice. But this corner of Ontario is very flat, with vast swathes of identikit countryside and farmland, and urban areas that have samey architecture and faceless, unimaginative industrial sprawls.

It’s not helped by the grey concrete motorways and gigantic power lines scattered thoughtlessly around the place like meandering spiders’ webs. One of the few splashes of colour on the landscape are the quite unnecessarily large Canadian flags that any building here worth its salt seems to sport, in the numbers that only nations with identity issues resort to.

I had a good time at Mullet Creek, Mississauga, though, and have learnt an awful lot about the place thanks to the support of John Stewart at the Mississauga News and a slightly bemused but incredibly informative Councillor George Carlson. I’d blog the full story of the morning’s mullet-hunting but as you can imagine John, being a journalist, tells it much better than I.

I’ll no doubt blog more later this week, but in the meantime here’s some photos.

6 thoughts on “Canada, eh!

  1. Hey! Just dropping by!…I was just amazed that you been to a lot of countries already just to search for something!…I bet your a certified traveler I guess?…I read some of your articles ’cause I found it interesting!…Keep it up!…and Keep updated!…c”,)

    Best regards,

  2. One suggestion…if you wish to travel again try to visit the country of Philippines… I’m pretty sure you’ll gonna love the places!… Theres something to know more about this country!…:)

  3. Don’t paint the vision of Canada just by seeing south western Ontario. Canada is a HUGE country (or as the arrogant worms say, it’s really really big) and each province has it’s own look and feel. From the colourfull celtic inspired Maritimes to the vastness of the praries to the rugged west coast and the Rocky mountains. If you want to see colour in Ontario you need to go there in the Fall (yes that’s what we call it) when all the Maples are displaying their vibrant colours. You’re just getting the tip of the iceburg there Simon my friend. You need more time to really get a proper taste of that nation.

  4. Simon, there’s something curious about that picture. As though your legs are larger, your body slightly less large and your head rather disproportionately small. I wonder whether this roadsign has some kind of x-files effect on people…

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