Capturing the snow

Light under the treesWhen the snow fell a few nights ago, I only thought of doing a night-time photo walk when it was too late and the snow was disappearing. I’m a big fan of night-time photography and also of the snow, as both look brilliant in brooding black and white. I told myself that when the snow fell again, I would definitely not miss it.

So last night at around half past nine, when I was comfortable in our nice warm house, I saw that it was snowing again, so I forced myself into my outdoor clothes and I headed into town with camera and gorilla pad to see what I could find.

I was out for less than an hour because it was so cold, and there was plenty more of town I could have taken in on my amble, but I am nevertheless pleased with my haul.

Perhaps I’ll head out again soon in the snow with my camera.  It looks from the forecast like I won’t be short on opportunities in the coming while.

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