Case solved

They're after me

After the murder threat yesterday, it seems the bizarre web searches continue.

Not content with searching for "simon varwell murder", whoever it is that is trying to scare me is now looking for "where does simon varwell live".

I'm not worried though, because I smell a rat. A Justin-shaped cheeky rat. This is the same person who emailed me a few months ago pretending to be David Icke. I worry about him.

Not as much as the demented soul who has been bored enough to search for "assymetrical mullet", however.

2 thoughts on “Case solved

  1. Simon, I can 100% assure you that that was not me. I did do “simon varwell murder” and “where does simon varwell live” though. I had this lovely image of you poring over your hits to analyse your fanatical fanbase, and the horror that someone might not love you as much as they do. Unfortunately the phrase “simon varwell’s family must die” did not allow me to click on your site.

    PS You have got some catching up to do with my mighty blog. I am now the number 1 google hit for “how not to land an aeroplane” and I was briefly the number 2 hit for “noel edmonds tattoo”.

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